The Faqs

Set Up –¬†Load In- 2 hours prior to the arrival of guests for the event. Load Out- approximately 1 hour, depending on how difficult is it to get in and out of the venue.
Venue Restrictions¬†– Please check with your venue to verify if they have a “blackout” time for the room that you’re using. Many venues enforce this rule. If so, please plan your event to allow us time to load out by this time.
Community Noise Restrictions – If you are having an outdoor event, or an event in a residential area (your home), please know the noise ordinances or “blackout” times for your area. We’re very conscientious about helping you comply with the rules in your area to insure that your event is the “best” that it can be.
Stage or Performance Area – A stage is preferred if at all possible. It improves the viewing enjoyment for your guests, and provides an element of safety for the band and the audience. The performance area needs to be 16′ wide X 12′ deep if at all possible. A larger stage is never a problem. Smaller spaces can be utilized, but it can affect our ability to deliver the best performance.
P.A. and Lighting – We supply all the P.A. and lighting equipment needed to cover most meeting rooms and receptions (approximately 1,000 guests). If additional coverage is needed, your venue will probably inform you of that. Quite simply, if the room is too large, an echo is created. If multiple rooms are used, the music will be more audible in the performance room. In some cases we can patch into the “in-house” system of the venue. We would need their assistance to do this during our set up time. This is not usually required.
Condition of Equipment – We pride ourselves on not only sounding good, but looking good. With this in mind, we’ve had black, custom road cases built for our equipment to allow a speedy roll in/out, and to protect our gear to keep it looking new and professional. If possible, a storage area for these cases, close to the performance can expedite the “load out” process at the end of the evening.
Electric Requirements РFor our power needs, we need at least 2 separate 120 volt circuits with a minimum of 20 amps, close to the stage, and with nothing else plugged into them. We have our own extension cords, unless we are playing outside, or the AC power is a long distance from the performance area. If so, we will need additional extensions for power.
Green Room – Although not a requirement, this does allow the band an area to eat, store personal items and discuss details to insure the best possible performance. This can be the same room utilized for the case storage mentioned above.
Band Meals and Refreshment We do need to feed the band. These events require a large commitment of time on behalf of the players. Although our performance time may be an average of 3 hours; travel time to the venue, set up, performance time, tear-down, load out and travel time back home usually equates to 10 to 12 hours in whole. We need 4 hot meals (3 regulars, and 1 vegetarian) to be delivered before the performance. We also require bottled water for the show.
Special Request – On the Spot – If we know it, we’ll play it. If not, we’ll play something as close to it as possible. In advance – if given enough time, and if it’s possible to reproduce without a computer, we’ll do our very best. Many studio versions of songs are highly produced with layers & layers of synthesizers, vocal and instrumental software. We can reproduce solid arrangements for live performances, but it does take time, and a great deal of effort on our part. Our extensive song list consist of many of the most popular, dance-able hits of all time that work in the “Party” environment – tried and true – tested winners that your guests will know and enjoy.
Break Music – We will provide break music, or we’ll be happy to play selections from your MP3 player through our P.A. We are happy to provide MC services, Please give us the information in advance. Some names are very hard to pronounce, especially if presented at the last minute. Sudden changes in order of introductions can create mistakes, and undue stress for all. Speaking from years of experience, we encourage you to keep this as simple as possible to ensure the evening flows as needed. We want to do the best job we possibly can. You can also provide someone from your group to act as MC for the evening.
Schedule Notes – Most wedding receptions get behind in the schedule. We’re there to assist you. We are very flexible, and will adjust to accommodate your extracurricular activities, such as: toast, cake cuttings, bouquet & garter toss, and other extras to ensure that you have fun.
Timeline – All wedding receptions are different, but they have some common elements.Here’s a sample that might be helpful in your early planning with the venue and the vendors.

Band Load In : 3:00 pm
Cocktail Hour : 6:00 – 7:00 – Band Plays
Dinner: 7:00 – 8:00 pm – dinner music over the PA
Toast: 8:00 – 8:15ish
Dancing: until close of evening
Band/Vendor Load Out – 1 hour

Secondary P.A. – You may need a second P.A. for your ceremony or alternative location. Your venue will probably have something to offer, but it may be very expensive. If you need this, we can offer it for a small additional fee. We have one wireless Lavalier microphone, and two wireless handheld mics.

Contract – We have a simple contract that outlines the times and the details of the event.

Payment: Payment by check or cash is due at the event. If extended travel is required (airline tickets), travel expenses will be paid by you in advance.

Outside Performances – We need protection from the elements including shade from the sun. We have to keep our equipment dry from rain, snow, dew, sprinkler systems, wind-blown spray from fountains, leaky commercial tents due to severe storms, etc. This has all happened along the way. Safety for you, your guests and our group is the top priority. Cold temperatures can be a problem as well, so please keep us in mind.

Conflicting Performances at your Venue at the Same Time – Ask your venue if they have any other events scheduled in close proximity to your event at the same time frame. We have been in meetings and receptions where you could not hear the speaker/toasters due to another event going on in an adjacent room.

Playing in Metro Areas – Loading in/out and parking in downtown areas can be very difficult and expensive. If your event is in one of these areas, we’ll need you to arrange parking for us with the venue, or give us a parking allowance.

Early Load In – If you require that we load in hours early, due to venue requirement or schedule, special arrangements will be required. This will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Additional Playing Time – At the end of the evening, if you request additional playing time, there are a few considerations.

They are:
Agreement by the Venue to extend the party
Agreement by the Band to continue playing
The additional Band fee of $500 per hour – billable in 15 minute increments.

Summary – Thanks for considering us to be part of your special event. We will deliver a solid, stress-free evening for you. Your Guests, all ages, will have fun. I personally guarantee it.

Morgan Sprott- “Soul Fish”